Athol Glen Pre-mixed Turmeric Tea (Organic)

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Pre-mixed Certified Organic Turmeric Tea - just add hot water!

You've likely heard about the health benefits of turmeric tea, and this is the best you can get (and Bluebottles know this for sure, as they only serve the best in their café!). Organically grown, Athol Glen Australian Turmeric have taken the extra step by combining the turmeric with the other ingredients which are essential for making the turmeric bioavailable to your body - i.e. ginger, cinnamon, black pepper and shredded coconut (plus all those additional ingredients offer so many health benefits of their own, too).

At Bluebottles Brasserie, they believe it is SO important to support local growers and Athol Glen Australian Turmeric is a local producer on the Coffs Coast of NSW.

Bluebottles are proud to stock and serve this quality product in their café, and now you can stock up on this at home here, too.

There's no excuse for not staying healthy with this delicious tea (and supporting a local Aussie grower, too), so be sure to buy a pack or two here right NOW! ;-)